Red Velvet Cake


My birthday was a couple weeks ago and since I love ice cream cakes, my family got me a Cold Stone birthday cake which is a combination of red velvet cake and birthday cake ice cream. It was not low carb, but I’ve been in maintenance so long, I don’t think twice about splurging to celebrate special occasions.

To get back on track after a couple weeks of higher carb eating, I wanted to try baking a low carb red velvet cake. A lot of eggs are required when using all coconut flour, so I chose to use a blend of half Carbquik and half coconut flour. That way, I could reduce the amount of eggs by half.

The result was a cake that tasted very close to a regular high carb one. Next time, I may double the recipe to make a regular two layer cake. Chopped pecans would also be a nice addition to sprinkle on top. This time I kept it simple because I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out.

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